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On Between 2 Bros, hosts Terry Schilling and Mike Arnott bring you a podcast where they interview guests more important and almost as cool as them, share their expert opinion about stuff, and make their listeners laugh and cry at the same time. Get ready for non-stop action-packed content, intense interviews, and plenty of audio gold!
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May 4, 2018

The Bros bring back recurring guest and everyone's favorite nerd, Mike Morrison to talk all things 'Avengers: Infinity War.' Before a complete recap of the summer's biggest movie, the Bros take back last episode's Bro of the Week winner, Kanye West and give the award to actor, Josh Brolin. 

Mike Morrison joins the show (9:30) and the three give their initial thoughts of Infinity War, what was good, what was bad, which characters won the movie, and how Thanos is easily the best Marvel villain of all time. Morrison fact checks what we saw in the movie compared to the comic books and they spoil all the characters who died and if and how they may come back in the sequel. 

A lot of spoilers and insight you won't find on any other pod. Buckle up and get ready for everything you want and need to know about The Avengers and what to expect in the next Infinity War movie. 

Apr 18, 2018

The NBA Playoffs are rolling and the Bros bring on their friend and returning guest Jeremiah Johnson to talk everything NBA Playoffs. The Bros start with a #ClickbaitConfenssion, all the Comey and Cohen news, the Southwest Airlines plane that had an engine explode, and give the Bro of the Week.

Jeremiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana joins the show, Jeremiah works as pre/post game host and sideline reporter for the Indiana Pacers and the three discuss the Pacers vs. Cavaliers series and how this team may be the one that knocks LeBron out in the first round. Also on the pod, Jeremiah tells the story when he knew the Pacers were going to be better than anyone expected along with how some reporters and TV crew members are superstitious. Jeremiah gives his thoughts on the remaining series and they end with making plans to Minneapolis next year to watch the Ball State Cardinals play in the Final Four. 

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Mar 26, 2018

It's been a wild NCAA Men's basketball tournament this year and we have reached the Final Four! We talk about how much fun the tournament has been along with the darling team, Loyola of Chicago. We also bring up a great debate of "what important event would you skip if you could go to the Final Four to watch your alma mater or favorite team play?" We go into detail about different events and what they would need to do beforehand to help make sure you're in the clear. We end the show with the "Bro of the Week" and tell what the prize is for winning our tournament challenge! 

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Feb 26, 2018

The Bros have a special episode where they combine their love for basketball and pop culture to bring you "The Best Fictional Basketball Players of All Time Draft."

The rules are simple:

1. You must draft 5 starters, two reserves, and one coach.

2. You cannot pick a real basketball player who played themselves in a movie or TV show (i.e. MJ from Space Jam)

That's it. The bros had a lot of fun as the draft board was HUGE. Players like Teen Wolf, Billy Hoyle and Sidney Dean (White Men Can't Jump), Jesus Shuttlesworth (He Got Game), Jimmy Chitwood (Hoosiers), Coffee Black (Semi-Pro), Shep (Above The Rim), Brian from Thunderstruck, and so many more were available. 

Who did the bros pick? Listen and find out!

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Feb 11, 2018

The Bros start the show with Super Bowl LII Recap, Philly fans eating horse poop, NBA trade deadline madness, and the Bro of the Week. 

Comedian Joe Kilgallon joins the show to talk about his recent comedic journey from Los Angeles back to his hometown of Chicago, why being a homeowner sucks, how having a baby is giving him plenty of new material, one of his strangest stand-up shows, why raising a puppy is easier than a baby, and how he's inspired and finds time to write his jokes. 

We wrap up the show with a great discussion on the recent state of the NBA, how Philly fans must love being known as scumbags, the Winter Olympics, and all the exciting things Joe is working on for the future. 

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Feb 8, 2018

A special episode as the Bros welcome the wives, Salena and Anna to talk all things This Is Us and the latest Super Bowl Sunday Episode. NBC's breakout show has captured the hearts of people all over the world and they finally revealed how leading man, Jack Pearson sadly passed away and we all couldn't stop crying. The wives and bros break down the episode highlighted by how Jack truly is Superman, Mandy Moore's amazing performance, that stupid dog, Randall becoming father of the year, Kevin and Kate are whiny bitches, future theories, and a bunch of "Did you know" facts about the show and latest episode. If you're a fan of This Is Us you need to check it out 

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Feb 2, 2018

On Episode 30, the Bros talk about Mike's latest encounter with his new Puppy Wyatt biting is penis, they talk about if it's ever okay to eat while in the bathroom, and give out the "Bro of the Week." Then, Larry Hawley of WGN Sports in Chicago joins the show to talk Super Bowl LII. Larry talk about his most intriguing storylines, how long he thinks Brady will play and his incredible longevity, while also telling stories of his time on radio row. We end the show with talking Mighty Ducks, who would you want to play Super Bowl Halftime Show (Dead or Alive), and Larry gives his headlines for the game.

Jan 18, 2018

The Bros are back and come in hot with the first episode of 2018. Big news, Mike got a puppy and doesn't sleep anymore. We talk about training a puppy and ask, "Where is the worst spot in public your dog can poop and then you realize you don't have any bags?" Plus, we talk about The Minnesota Miracle, The "Hall Brawl" between the Clippers and Rockets, we talk about which NBA player would you want to lead you to the other team's locker room for a fight?, and we give out the "Bro of the Week." Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. Cheers!

Dec 8, 2017

Looking for some winter fashion tips? The Bros welcome the founder and creator of the popular men's style blog, "The Modest Man," Brock McGoff. Brock shares his story of what led him to creating the blog that gears towards style and lifestyle advice for "shorter" men along with winter wardrobe essentials, worst style trends of all time, where to get a good-fitting pair of jeans, and much more fashion and life advice. The Bros also give out their "Bro of the Week" and talk how they are getting in the holiday spirit. 

Nov 17, 2017

The Bros welcome back Dr. Kevin Miller to the pod to talk the injuries and recovery of Teddy Bridgewater, Andrew Luck, and Gordon Hayward, plus they talk concussion protocol and find out if Dr. Miller is the actual doctor for everyone in his family. The Bros also talk about Trump's trip to Asia, how he freed three UCLA basketball players from serving jail time in China, and that he looks like an idiot when he drinks bottled water. They also talk "Thor: Ragnarok," Miami's beatdown of Notre Dame, how everyone hates LeBron James, and how in the world did Blake Shelton win "Sexiest Man Alive."

Oct 27, 2017

The bros are back from their wedding festivities and honeymoon and ready to share stories from their big day. They also catch up on NFL and NBA talk, what shows their watching, and talk how Mike's still depressed about US Soccer. They also introduce a new segment called, "Husband Life," and give the Bro of the Week.

Aug 25, 2017

The bros bring on their good friend Jeff Hultman for advice on preparing for the final days leading up to the wedding, they talk the solar eclipse, future of MLS, Neymar's rise and record-breaking transfer, and the future of U.S. Men's Soccer. They also do the Top 3 of best parts about being at a wedding and Jeff dishes out the "Bro of the Week." 

Jul 26, 2017

It's one of the biggest events for Nerds every year, Comic Con! As always a lot of great new trailers and new information about our favorite series and new ones. The Bros welcome their friend Mike Morrison back to the show to discuss some of the big highlights from this year's Comic Con. They share their thoughts on The Defenders, Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Stranger Things season 2, and more! They also discuss their Top 3 Movies that surprise people when you tell them you haven't seen them. 

Jul 14, 2017

The Bros' weddings are right around the corner, which means the only thing to do is bring their fiancé's Salena and Anna on the pod to talk about it! The four talk about the most annoying things Terry and Mike do around the house, who is a better parent between Rob and Kim Kardashian, Anna's passion to watch the Bachelorette, and the Top 3 headaches while planning a wedding.

Jun 22, 2017

Want to hear a story of how one man started a tropical shirt revolution? The Bros get tropical on the latest episode as they talk to the CEO of Tropical Bros, Joe Maslanka (8:50-36:50). Joe tells the story of how he was inspired to start Tropical Bros and design fashionable tropical shirts, how he grew the brand, how he designs each shirt, how he plans to expand, and his advice to other entrepreneurs out there. Joe is all about living a tropical and care-free lifestyle and it shows with his popular tropical shirt brand. The Bros end the show to talk about their "Top 3" Summer Bro Movies (37:25-43:20) and the "Bro of the Week" (43:28). Follow the Bros on social media @Between2Bros and Tropical Bros on Instagram @tropical.bros and Twitter @Tropical_Bros. Be sure to visit and use the promo code "Bros20" at checkout for 20% and free shipping. 

Jun 15, 2017

Hey Bros! Want to know what to wear and not to wear this summer? Take a listen as we talk with Megan Collins, the founder of the popular men's style blog, "Style Girlfriend" to help you look fresh this summer. First, we start the show recapping the NBA Finals and if we're truly happy Kevin Durant finally got his ring (2:50-13:00). We then chat with Megan Collins (13:00-1:05:18) about how she started Style Girlfriend, how they continue to put out valuable content for men's style, proper wedding attire, what guys should be wearing this summer, and we ask some personal questions to wrap it up. To end the show the Bros reached out to the "Dad's" out there to talk about their ideal "Father's Day" and find out if spending the day to themselves with no wife and kids is better than doing an activity with them. A lot of great stuff, enjoy! Follow Style Girlfriend on Twitter & Instagram @StyleGF for all the latest content. Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes! 

Jun 1, 2017

The Bros welcome Jeremiah Johnson, host of Pacers Live! and reporter for Fox Sports Indiana to the show to talk hoops and get you ready for the NBA Finals. Jeremiah and the bros start by talking about the disappointing season from the Indiana Pacers and what Jeremiah thinks the franchise should do with Paul George and how they can become relevant again in the Eastern Conference (5:50 - 22:45). Jeremiah also gives his takes on the hype of the 2017 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, LeBron James' legacy, who he thinks will win, and how LeBron complains too much (23:00 - 53:45). They end the interview by asking Jeremiah how many points he could score on his broadcast teammate and former Indiana Pacer Austin Croshere, his favorite sporting event he covered, and his best memory as "Charlie Cardinal," the mascot of Ball State University. The show wraps up with the Bros doing a spelling bee, new "Top 3," and "Bro of the Week." 

May 25, 2017

The Bros welcome IndyCar Radio Analyst and Indy 500 Turn 2 Announcer Nick Yeoman to the show. They get you ready for "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" as the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 is here. Nick tells you everything you need to know about this years race, including who he likes to win, underdogs, top storylines, and some gambling picks. Nick also shares with us his most memorable moment covering the big race, his favorite food item at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, most memorable moment traveling for the IndyCar Series, and sings us the final notes of "Back Home Again in Indiana." Mike and Terry close out the show with segments, "What Did You Think Would Happen Bro," "Things That Piss Off My Fiance," "Good News, Bro!," "This Week's Top 3," and "Bro of the Week." Follow Nick Yeoman on Twitter @NYeoman and the Bros @Between2Bros. 

May 12, 2017

On this episode the Bros bring on billy Fulton (yes, he always uses a lowercase "b" in his first name) who has his own YouTube Channel called "Billy Unboxes," he hosts Trivia every Tuesday in rotating bars in Louisville, KY, and is a pretty big nerd who loves collecting nerd things, and getting subscription boxes. The three talk about Trump firing former FBI Director James Comey, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson running for President, the best subscription boxes out right now, the coolest thing billy has received from one of the boxes, his "Grail" of collectible items, the NBA Playoffs and how it's not fun because it's going to be Golden State & Cleveland again in the Finals, and billy tests Terry and Mike's brains in a quick round of trivia. Check out billy's YouTube Channel, "billy Unboxes" @ Follow him on Instagram @billyunboxes & Twitter @wgfulton. Follow the show on Twitter & Instagram @Between2Bros.

May 3, 2017

On this latest episode the Bros bring back their dear friend and "Sexpert" Ben Guthrie. They discus their feelings about the Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why" and how serious the topics of the show are in our society. They also talk about having sex in zero gravity, the new term "stealthing," and what does being sexually active truly mean? Follow the Bros on Twitter and Instagram @Between2Bros. Terry @tschill86 and Mike @mkarnott. 

Apr 14, 2017

The Bros Welcome their friend and newly appointed medical correspondent, Dr. Kevin Miller to the show. Dr. Miller talks about health coverage for collegiate student athletes, weird sports injuries, dealing with concussed athletes, being harassed by parents, the sound your shoulder makes when you pop it back into place, the future of medicinal marijuana in sports, and his thoughts on NBA players resting. They also play "Name that Sports Injury" and share their "Bro of the Week." 

Apr 5, 2017

The Bros welcome back The Kyle Wells to recap WrestleMania 33. TKW shares his thoughts on the matches, his love for John Cena and Roman Reigns, his farewell call to The Undertaker, and he makes a plea for Indianapolis, IN to host WrestleMania 35. Plus, he share some big news, could TKW be getting in the ring soon?!? Listen and find out. 

Mar 28, 2017

On this episode, the bros welcome Scott Phillips, a college hoops and recruiting writer for NBC Sports and Bleacher Report to the show. The three talk all things NCAA Tournament along with the Final Four match-ups (4:45), one-and-done players in college (10:00), best college players in last 20 years (13:25), players who helped their draft stock in the tournament (15:00), the top high school recruits we should be watching out for next year (18:35), what current college coach would jump to NBA next (25:20), Scott's thoughts on if LaVar Ball is a crazy sports dad or smart business man (29:05), and who is on his Top 5 NBA Draft board (31:35). They end by getting personal with Scott (36:00) and finding out his favorite shows, music, and if he would rather be a dragon or have a dragon. The Bros then end the show with new segment "hold on to your butts" (46:45), a new "Top 3" (50:35), and "Bro of the Week" (54:00). Follow Scott Phillips on Twitter and Instagram @phillipshoops and the Bros @Between2Bros. 

Mar 24, 2017

The Bros welcome Colin Falvey, the captain of the Indy Eleven soccer club of the USL. Colin shares his thoughts on the season opener and expectations this year (5:20), when he’ll return from injury (7:30), how he ended up on the Indy Eleven (12:00), how he’s enjoyed his time in Indianapolis (15:12), the craziest things he’s seen on the soccer pitch (17:25), and some of the best players he’s played against (20:30). The Bros finish up with Colin talking about pranks with the rookies (25:25), the best advice he’s ever got (28:13), and some fun questions like his favorite Irish drinking song (28:40). The Bros end the show with a new segment called, “The Top 3” and “Bro of the Week.” 

Mar 14, 2017

The Bros get you ready for March Madness and the NCAA Tournament by discussing their favorite things about March Madness, their Final Four picks, things to look out for, and teams to pick with the best mascot. Go to Bracket Challenge and search the group "Between 2 Bros" to fill out a bracket and compete against Terry and Mike. Make sure to follow the Bros on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Between2Bros. 

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